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LARA NewsFlash: 2009 Volume 3, Number 1

June 22, 2009

Summer 2009 is Here! Mark your Calendar!Twin Lakes Liberty Fest Saturday and Sunday, June 27 and 28th.
Lake Weed Treatments are scheduled for June 23 or June 24 (weather dependent).
For Additional Information go to:

Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District Annual Meeting
Saturday, July 25, 2009 beginning at 9:00a.m.

Record rain levels and flooding in Southeastern Wisconsin in June and July 2008 create problems for property owners.  "Slow No Wake" regulations on many Southeastern Wisconsin lakes take their toll on the patience of local businesses and lake users. Share your ideas on how to mitigate the situation at the Annual LARA Meeting of Members( 9:00 PM, Friday, July 25th at Nikos)  and Annual Lake District Meeting( Saturday, July 26th, 9AM at Wilmot High School) noted below.


9:00 p.m. Friday, July 25

Niko’s in Twin Lakes (in the banquet room)




All property owners are invited to attend the annual meeting of LARA.


Come and hear what is happening with our lakes, and enjoy some time with your neighbors!


If you are interested in joining LARA, annual dues are $20. You can also give us your email information to be copied for our email communications throughout the year.


The purpose of the annual LARA meeting is to elect a director for the open position, and discuss any issues regarding the lakes that you would like to be communicated to the Village Board of Trustees, which may include:

–   Lake level guidelines

–   Clarification of current lake level management

–   Water quality issues


We also encourage everyone to attend the annual Lake District meeting on Saturday, July 26 at 9:00 a.m. at Wilmot Union High School, 1112 308th Avenue, Wilmot, Wisconsin. These meetings are critical to keeping the quality of our lakes and to elect the volunteers for the lake committees. Come to vote and show your support!


NOTICE of Twin Lakes

Lake District Annual Lake District Meeting




2008 Annual Lake District Meeting
Why You Need to Attend & Vote

The Last three annual meetings have been less than one hour.


Item “12” on the agenda is for elector comments, at which point you will be able to raise issues and questions about lake levels, “no wake” rules or any other concerns you may have.

Each year scores of volunteers work tirelessly to improve the quality of Lakes Elizabeth and Mary while protecting your rights for continued use and enjoyment of the Lakes.

You are asked once a year to attend the Annual Lake District Meeting for Lakes Elizabeth and Mary to vote on the Lake budget, projects and Leaders for the Lake District. The last three annual meetings have taken less than one hour.


Each of the following projects directly effects quality of the Lake.


Project under consideration for 2008:


Esch Road Drain as seen from Lake Elizabeth


Project under Consideration: Bay View Channel, Lake Mary


  • These meetings are critical to keeping the quality of our Lakes and to elect people who volunteer on the Lake Committees that move these projects forward. Thousands of hours are contributed by these volunteers and they need your vote to continue on.
  • Your vote will direct the future of the Lakes and will help to protect your investment and interests.
  • Come and vote to show your support and direct the future of the lakes.





  • Date: Saturday, July 26, 2008
  • Time: – 9AM (Doors open at 8AM)
  • Place: Wilmot Union High School, 1112 308th Avenue, Wilmot, Wisconsin


Map to follow:




This information is brought to you by: LARA, Lakes and Recreation Association of

Twin Lakes: LARA is an independent volunteer based non- profit organization with the mission to protect our lakes and our ability to use the lakes for all recreational uses. Visit our web site at: for periodic updates and links to other sources. A formal agenda for the Annual Lake Dist District Meeting which is conducted by a separate governmental and taxing agency has been sent to all registered residents. This reminder and supplemental announcement is provided as a public service by LARA.

  • Come and learn more about your lakes, the impact of the record rainfall and vote to show your support and direct the future of the lakes.
  • LARA, brings you year round information via e-mail and print about important Lake issues.
  • Speak with a LARA volunteer at their booth at the Annual Lake District Meeting.
  • LARA will supply donuts, bagels and coffee at the Annual Lake District Meeting.
  • Help LARA to continue bringing you important Lake information by showing your support. You can send your annual membership fee of $20.00 to:
    LARA, Lakes and Recreation Association of Twin Lakes
    P.O. Box #: 75
    Twin Lakes, WI 53181
    Please contact us with comments or questions at:




--- Mad Danís to Become a DNR Approved Public Boat Launch ---

Announced at the August 7th, 2006 Committee Meeting of the Whole

ę Unanimous decision by the Village Board of Trustees ę

Taxpayers will not pay for the purchase!


  • The current Village Board and DNR have negotiated with Jim Hughes, Mad Danís owner, to purchase Mad Danís and Marina.
  • The site will be used as a DNR approved public boat launch securing Lake Elizabeth will remain open to the public. 
  • The Twin Lakes Steering Council, headed by Robert Livingston supported the effort to purchase the site.
  • The property will jointly be purchased and developed by the DNR and Village.
  • Sufficient access is required to apply for state grants, fish stocking and other programs. 

Transaction information:


  • Offer to purchase property on the Lake side of E. Lake Shore Dr., approximately $1,900,000.
  • Village will pay approximately 30%, State to pay approximately 70% of purchase price:
    • State: $875,000
    • Grant $407,500
    • Part of property to be transferred back to Jim Hughes: $40,000
    • Village portion: $542,500 (financed through income generated by marina and leasing of boat slips)
  • Approximately 50 boat slips are currently available at $600 per year.
  • A minimum of 19 trailer/vehicle parking spaces plus handicapped parking will be made available.
  • Anticipated the restaurant will operate to the end of the season. Mr. Hughes intends to relocate his business and as part of the agreement the village will hold the liquor license for a year.
  • Mr. Hughes has plans to develop a 16 unit condominium project across the street from the marina.
  • Mr. Hughes will retain a right of first option on 16 boats slips is part of the transaction.
  • Mr. Hughes has until the spring of 2007 to close it or possibly relocate the restaurant.
  • If it is not moved, the village will demolish it.
  • The deck and bait shop will remain open.


--- THANK YOU---

You made it Happen! 


The Taxpayers of the Twin Lakes Lake District have Spoken

Attempt to Dissolve the Lake District & Lake Committees failed;

all other items on the agenda passed with a massive majority.


Over 350 eligible voters attended the Annual Lake District Meeting, Saturday. The dissolution attempt by residents Dennis and Linda Doshe, 242 Mueller, failed by a vote of 326-23; a two-thirds vote was needed to pass. 


The day was hot but the taxpayers were determined to defeat the attempt to dissolve the Lake District and Committees.


Immediately after the motion to dissolve was defeated another motion was made to stop the subject from being heard again for a period of five years.  The only person to raise an objection during the comment period was Judy Jooss. Jooss was a former Chair of the Lake District and is currently a member of the Shoreline Committee. Attorney for the Village and Lake District, Rodney Carter, stated that he was comfortable that the motion was valid.  The vote was overwhelming in favor of the motion not to be heard, the crowd cheered and clapped.




The meeting, once opened, lasted only 45 minutes.  Voting was swift. The taxpayers clearly spoke that they want the good works of the Lake District and Committees to continue.






Please Note:  much of the information was shared on the work of the committees and copies of the handout material will soon be available in the future on the district or LARA website. 


 Please tell your neighbors about LARA and the Lake District and send their e-mail address to LARA at:  






LARA volunteers welcome taxpayers to the Annual Lake District Meeting

passing out water and LARA  information

LARA team members: Debbie & Bill Hass, Vytau Barcus & Jim Baxa



Lakes District Steering Council members

(From left to right) Village Trustee, Mike Moran, Vytau Barcus, Tom Porps, Corrine Krebs,

Robert Livingston, Tony Migon, Jamie Smith & Dr. Brian Neal


Steering Council and Trustee Moran at work preparing for the

Annual Lake District Meeting






“Protect your investment, your rights and the Lakes”


If the Lake District and Committees are dissolved at Saturdays meeting:

Ť          Full and part time residents/taxpayers will lose their right to vote on all lake related matters…no more voice in any Lake matters!



Meeting starts at: 9:00 AM, doors open at 8AM

Place: Lakewood School, Wilmot & Lake Shore Drive


We understand that those against the Lake District and Lake Committees have a “plan”  to also vote down the annual budget and tax levy.  Folks it only takes a simple majority vote of “1” and all lake projects like the permanent spillway project on Lake Elizabeth may be “stopped.”


The current removable dam board on Lake Elizabeth is to be replaced with a permanent cement spillway in order to keep lake levels stable.  That means no more will “individuals” be able to drain the Lakes!  The spillway is being engineered as we speak…if the budget and levy fails to pass at the Saturday meeting we may not have the funds to continue.  Please come and vote to approve the levy and budget.  It is in your and the Lakes best interest. 


Don’t let the opposition to the Lake District and Lake Committees take your rights away from you…COME AND VOTE TO SAVE YOUR INVESTMENT, THE LAKES AND YOUR RIGHTS.






DATE: October 3, 2005
TO: Design Review Committee
Plan Commission
FROM: Tim Popanda, Village Building & Zoning Administrator
David E. Cox, Village Administrator
RE: Kim Lewis Proposal - Prairie Lodge of Lake Elizabeth

On August 11, 2005, Mr. Kim Lewis (“Petitioner”) submitted design plans for a proposed hotel and development entitled “Prairie Lodge of Lake Elizabeth” (the “Submittal”). The development is proposed on property located at 2631 East Lake Shore Drive (“Property”), which is zoned Commercial under the Village of Twin Lakes Zoning Code (“Village Zoning Code”). Under sec.17.32.010(B)20, Village Zoning Code, a hotel is a permitted use, and thus Petitioner has proposed the hotel on the Property. The Submittal has been deemed incomplete for the reasons set forth below. The intent of this Staff Report is to outline the requirements of various Village Zoning Codes and requests of Village Staff in order to assist the Village Design Review Committee and Village Plan Commission in rendering its respective decisions. Regardless of this Staff Report, the Petitioner is encouraged to make a full presentation before the Village Design Review Committee at its October 12, 2005, meeting when this matter will appear on the Agenda.

The Submittal has been reviewed for conformance with applicable Village Zoning Codes. The
paragraphs below set forth various conflicts between the Submittal and existing provisions of the Village Zoning Code, and thus these issues should be addressed in future submittals:

1. As stated above, sec. 17.32.010(B)20, Village Zoning Code, states “permitted uses: hotels boardinghouse, and lodging houses.” Pursuant to sec. 17.08.180, Village Zoning Code, “hotel” is defined as “a building in which lodging, with or without meals, is offered to transient guests for compensation and in which there are more than five (5) sleeping rooms with no cooking facilities in any individual room or apartment.” This definition invokes several characteristics of a hotel facility and the logistics of a hotel’s operation. While not specifically set forth in the Village Zoning Code, the Village Design Review Committee and Village Plan Commission should consider how those operations are addressed by the Submittal.

2. Several issues are presented by the Submittal’s lack of hotel operation facilities. First, the Submittal does not set forth any facilities for laundry or housekeeping. Hotel operations necessitate an area(s) for linen laundry, housekeeping supplies and housekeeping storage. No such areas are depicted in the Submittal. Second, the Submittal demonstrates no areas of office or reception, at which hotel guests would check in/check out, post questions to hotel staff, or where the hotel staff would take reservations, receive phone calls/faxes, or administer the operations of the hotel. Third, the Submittal depicts no areas reserved for general janitorial functions, such as closets on the main floor or in the other common areas. Fourth, the Submittal includes areas designated for garages, in addition to parking stalls and underground parking. Petitioner should explain why garages are needed at a hotel, when hotels generally do not provide garages. Finally, the Submittal includes areas designated for storage lockers, located on the bottom floor of the building. Petitioner should explain why a hotel would need storage lockers that look similar to those in an apartment building facility. With consideration of these five factors, the building set forth in the Submittal does not appear to be a hotel. In addition, the Submittal depicts a building with six (6) hotel rooms without kitchen facilities and twelve (12) hotel suites with kitchen units/facilities. Sec. 17.08.180, Village Zoning Code, defines a “hotel” as not having individual cooking facilities. Based on the language of the Village Zoning Code, the building set forth in the Submittal may not, by definition, be a hotel. On September 29, 2005, the Village Attorney formally requested a Detailed Plan of Operation from Petitioner’s legal counsel. As of the date of this Staff Report, the Village has not yet received the Detailed Plan of Operation. Once submitted, the Detailed Plan of Operation should address items such as hours of operation for each facility within the hotel, number of employees, recreational offerings of the hotel, and the like. The Detailed Plan of Operation will then be reviewed by Village Staff and may be submitted back to Petitioner for revision. The Detailed Plan of Operation may then be approved by the Village Plan Commission. The Village Design Review Committee and Village Plan Commission may wish to note that Village Staff has conferred with the Kenosha County Department of Health regarding the requisite approvals for the proposed hotel. Mr. Mike Gorman, Public Health Sanitarian, stated that the Petitioner has presented plans to Kenosha County for the proposed hotel. However, Kenosha County was unable to issue any permits, or even render an opinion regarding the future issuance of permits, because the submitted materials did not include the common operational facilities of a hotel, such as housekeeping, laundry, reception, and janitorial facilities. Village Staff encourages the Village Design Review Committee and Village Plan Commission to examine and analyze the Submittal, and pose questions to the Petitioner in order to clarify the questions surrounding the Submittal’s proposed hotel. 2. Sec. 17.32.030, Village Zoning Code, sets forth the applicable building height: principal buildings in the commercial zoning district shall not exceed 40 feet in height nor exceed three (3) stories in 3 height. In addition, the definition of “building story” per sec. 17.08.220, Village Zoning Code, is that portion of a building included between the surface of a floor and the surface of the floor above it, or if there be no floor above it, then the space between the floor and the ceiling next above it. A basement or cellar having one half or more of its height above grade shall be deemed a story for purposes of height regulations. Not withstanding the elevation above grade, the definition of a “basement” in the Zoning Code indicates that if it is “occupied for living purposes, [it] shall be counted as a story for purposes of height measurement.” The building set forth in the Submittal depicts a five-story building. The bottom floor of the building is considered a “story” for height determination because it includes habitable spaces, such as the restaurant. A ‘habitable space,’ while not defined by the Village Zoning Code, is an area in which people sleep, eat, recreate, and includes any finished spaces. The rationale of this definition lies in the time and extent of use by patrons and the availability of access by emergency personnel. Thus, the rationale of considering the bottom floor a “story” lies in the amount of time patrons will utilize the bottom floor and the available emergency access by Village officials. If that the bottom story was not considered a “story” in determining building height, the building would still be four stories, which does not comply with building height restrictions. Accordingly, the proposed building does not comply with sec. 17.32.030, Village Zoning Code. 3. Sec. 17.42.040 (A)-(K), Village Zoning Code, sets forth the requisite design review elements. In order to properly review the Submittal in accordance with this section, the appropriate submittals must be made. Various items were not appropriately included with the Submittal, and therefore the Submittal fails to comply with the standards of sec. 17.42.040(A)-(K), Village Zoning Code. These sections are set forth in greater detail below.
A. (A)(1) - Front facade: From a design review standpoint, the Submittal plan of the principal building generally meets the requirement of the Village Zoning Code. However, colors and details of materials must be included in future plan submittals. Elevation and material details for accessory structure must also be included in future submittals.
B. (A)(2) - Elevations: The Submittal lacks the proposed accessory structure elevations.
C. (A)(3) - Location of various mechanical units/items: Submittal fails to address or depict these items.
D. (A)(4) - Building placement: All buildings should be situated on lot to present their most desirable face to the street. The Submittal’s accessory structures appear to be facing inward. Petitioner must submit more detailed plans as to design, appearance, and height of accessory structures, including but not limited to, the garages. 4
E. (B)(1)-(8) - Requisite landscaping and proposed plans: A more detailed plan must
be submitted. The landscape plan should include size and types of vegetation, describe how parking areas, air handling, electric and public utilities will be landscaped so as to screen from public view. The Submittal should also provide landscaping and/or hardscaping details for retaining walls, patios, verandas, and shoreyard.
F (C)(1)-(2) - Advertisement signs and/or development signs: Petitioner should
submit rendering of any proposed signs. The Submittal’s existing rendering should include size, colors, materials, and location of signs on site.
G. (D) - Parking and loading: The Submittal’s plan depicts stalls that are against lot lines. Pursuant to sec. 17.42.040(D)(1), Village Zoning Code, parking stalls “should be six feet from any lot line and at least eight feet from the building.” The parking should also be landscaped, so as not to be seen by neighboring residential properties.
(D)(2) - Number of spaces: The Submittal’s plans depict eight (8) open parking stalls, ten (10) garage stalls and nine (9) stalls in the proposed building for a total of 27 spaces. In accordance with Village parking ordinance, sec. 17.12.080, Village Zoning Code, the hotel component is required to have 19 spaces, and the restaurant is required to have 8.5 spaces, for a total of 27.5 on site parking spaces. While not formally depicted on the Submittal, Petitioner has mentioned to Village Staff that he may re-locate his law office to the proposed building. If so, that professional office (law office), would require two (2) additional parking spaces.
(D)(3) - Paved lots and loading area: The Submittal should depict the size of
spaces. In addition, the Submittal should provide details of the under-building parking ramp, such as grades, elevations, construction materials, and details of retaining wall construction.
H. (E) - Utilities: Additional submittals must depict location, type, size of building’s
air handling equipment, electric and gas services, and fire department standpipe connection point so as to comply with sec. 17.42.040, Village Zoning Code.
I. (F) - Snow removal: Snow removal areas and procedures must be described in
the plans. The Submittal does not describe or set forth any snow removal or storage plans.
J. (G) - Illumination/Lighting: All outdoor lighting must be controlled and all lighting
must be depicted in the plans. The Submittal does not depict any illumination or lighting plan. A lighting plan must be submitted in order to comply with the Village Zoning Code, and a site photometric plan must also be submitted
K. (H) - Fire protection: All plans must indicate how fire protection will be provided. The Submittal does not address fire protection, and must do so, particularly in light of this being a hotel.
5 The Submittal must provide a written statement from Village Fire Chief that addresses building heights and
fire department site access. The Submittal also must comply with all applicable State of Wisconsin fire codes, regulations, and any other State or local governmental requirements.
L. (I) - Stormwater Drainage and Erosion Control: The site must be planned to
provide erosion control measures and storm water drainage improvements acceptable to Village staff. The Submittal does not include a Stormwater Management Plan and an Erosion Control Plan, to be reviewed and approved by Village Staff. Plans must address how storm water will be controlled, stored and filtered on site. Petitioner does not necessarily have to provide a engineer’s storm water calculation, but a well-thought concept plan that shows on-site plans and proposed locations of storm water storage components should be provided.
M. (J) - Street Standards: The Submittal must comply with Village staff review and approval of proper street dedications and improvements. The Submittal does not address dedications and improvements.
N. (K) - Garbage and refuse: The storage and screening of garbage and refuse must be described in the plans, to be approved by the Plan Commission. The Submittal does not address the requisite storage and screening of garbage and refuse. The Submittal should depict how refuse will be dealt with and where refuse containers will be stored.
Based on review of the Submittal, Staff has numerous concerns, which are outlined in this report. Before the Design Review Committee or the Plan Commission take action on, several issues must be addressed.
1. According to Village Staff interpretation of the Zoning Code, the building set forth in the Submittal fails to comply with the Village Zoning Code definition of “hotel.” In addition, the Submittal fails to depict the general operational facilities required for a hotel, as anticipated by the language set forth in the Village Zoning Code. At minimum, this proposal would need to be considered as a Conditional Use as it is not a permitted use.
2. The proposed structure fails to comply with secs. 17.32.030, Village Zoning Code, which addresses the proper building height and may be either four or five stories as opposed to the three allowed.
3. The Submittal fails to include the following requisite elements pursuant to sec.
17.42.040(A)-(K), Village Zoning Code:
A. Design Plan
B. Parking Plan
C. Landscaping Plan
D. Signage Plan
E. Utility Plan
F. Snow Removal Plan
G. Fire Protection Plan
H. Stormwater Management Plan
I.. Erosion Control Plan
J. Garbage and Refuse Removal Plan
Petitioner is encouraged to submit these plans for review. Petitioner may also include many of these items in the Detailed Plan of Operation.
4. Further, staff has requested the Petitioner to submit a Detailed Plan of Operation. The Detailed Plan of Operation should address items such as hours of operation for each facility within the hotel, number of employees, recreational offerings of the hotel, and all anticipated operations conducted on the Property.
Based on the Plan Commission/Design Review Committee’s concurrence with these various points, Staff recommends that this Submittal either be denied as it is not in compliance with the Zoning Code or considered as a Conditional Use and that it be tabled for preparation and submission of the requested items.
G:\COMMON\WPDOCS\BUILDINS\Lewis Staff Report.wpd
cc: Honorable President and Board of Trustees
Rodney W. Carter, Village Attorney
Mr. Kim Lewis, Petitioner
David Smith, Legal Counsel for Petitioner

LARA Bulletin NO 6, July ---2005


Welcome to the LARA mailing list: (please forward to other lake users) IMPORTANT: If you cannot attend the Village Board meeting Monday, July 18th at 7pm and/or the Annual Lake Committee meeting at 9am, Saturday, July 23 at Lakewood School you may want to send an email to the Village Board in care of David Cox, Village Manager: Express your concerns on low water levels and need to return no wake hours to sunset. NEWSFLASH UPDATE NOTE: the Village board will vote on returning the NO WAKE hours from 8pm to Sunset, Monday night, July 18th,  at 7pm at the Village Hall !!! Be there !! LARA Bulletin No. 6 Ė July 14, 2005

LARA Ė BringING our neighborhoods together

YOU HAVE A VOICE : Please join us at the July 23rd ANNUAL LAKE DISTRICT MEETING.

You are invited to attend 8:30 am to Noon , Saturday, July 23rd, at the Lakewood School . This is an importa n t meeting that will impact your future lake and property rights. The official meeting notice has been sent under separate cover by the Twin Lakes Restoration and Preservation District. LARA is a not- for-p rofit citizen action group that has been formed to help protect your lake rights. To lean more about LARA and/or volunteer go to:

Electors will be voting on:
- An amendment to the bylaw s that will make permanent the committee structure we voted on last year .
- Lake District commit t ee members
- The Annual Lake District budget
- Elements of a Recreational P lan

These issues have and will impact your lake rights in the future. Your opinions are important. Residents of Twin Lakes as well as p roperty owners have a vote.   

Commit t ee Reports Will Update You on Key Lake Issues
Learn about Lake Committee findings and priorities. Elector commit t ees include: 
- Boating Safety and User Conflicts
- Stormwater Protection & Non-Point Pollution
- Lake Habitat, Water Quality, Fish & Fishing (Lake Levels)
- Shoreline Protection & Rehabilitation (Lake Levels)
- Aquatic Plants, Natural Invasive Species (Weed Control)
- Communication, Education, & Youth (Website)

Comprehensive Recreational Plan is Being Developed
The Village Board and Lake Commissioners have received a 20-page Comprehensive Plan. Phase One of the plan calls for:
- Returning the "NO WAKE" time from 8PM to Sunset - Managing water levels of the lakes a t historic levels - Establishing a Courtesy Code for boaters on the lakes - Involving committees in a ongoing pla n ning process - A nd more.
... Attend the July 23rd meeting to learn how you can help

Learn about proposed plans to create a shoreline easement that will impact your property. You have a voice and ability to comment on this very restrictive potential ordinance. Plan to stay for this session and have your voice heard.

We need more volunteers to work on property tax reduction. It is a long term struggle but we can make a difference.  Sign up at:

W e will answer your questions in the next newsletter:Address questions to:

LARA is Moving to a NEW Newsletter System--If you want to receive this new newsletter , sign up at:

To learn more about LARA and our s ponsors go to:

LARA Mission Statement

To Protect the lakes located in the Village of Twin Lakes and lake rights of all the property owners through information, communication and publication of an email newsletter and maintaining a web site on current issues while providing continuing support to the Lake District Committees. LARA is a not for-profit member and volunteer organization incorporated under the laws of Wisconsin but independent of local governmental agencies and the Wisconsin Open Meetings Act.




LARA Bulletin NO. 4 January 2005



Lakes and Recreation Association of Twin Lakes

PO Box: 75

Twin Lakes Wisconsin , 53181

Happy New Year! Since our last letter in September, there have been a lot of things happening that we would like to share with you.  We have summarized much of the information below, so if you would like more details please email us at

Please share this newsletter with friends and neighbors, and encourage them to join LARA (see the form at the end of this e-mail) to receive newsletters and other information directly.

The Boating Safety and User Conflict Committee worked in October to develop a summary and recommendations, which was then approved by the Steering Council and forwarded to the Village Trustees. The Trustees met in December, and did not rescind the ordinance asking for more work and data from the Water Safety & User Conflict Committee. Therefore, we still have no resolution on the motion brought up and voted by the Electors at the Annual Meeting to Rescind the NEW 8 PM NO WAKE ordinance.

Based on this, LARA has retained an attorney to research the issue and write a letter to the Trustees. We continue to push for resolution of this issue as unnecessary and unsafe Government Regulation. If you think compressing boating time and "wake time" into fewer hours presents a safety hazard and is unnecessary regulation please let us hear from you. 

============================= LARA WEB SITE LAUNCHED - Sponsors Wanted!
Go to

For a look at our new website launched in 2005 to keep you informed and promote our sponsors.  We plan to post meeting notes, articles, and photos, prior issues of this newsletter, helpful links and other pertinent information about the Twin Lakes in accordance with our charter.

========================= PROPERTY TAX UPDATE
Many of our LARA members' experienced significant increases in their property taxes this year.  LARA was able to e-mail members with guidelines from the Village on what to do to appeal.
Long term, one solution to lower property taxes is raising the state sales tax. Join the LARA Tax Committee to help reduce property taxes. =========================


Many of us have heard about the Smart Growth Plan for Twin Lakes that has been in development for the past couple of years. This plan directly affects land use around the Lakes.  There are 23 land use changes identified, many on or near the Lakes within the Village. These changes may affect your land use in the future.

The plan is on the Village website. Go to

and then go to land use. It gives you a download to read the plan. Under land use pages 16-18, they list the 23 land use changes. However the map on page 18 does not have any color codes and the changes in land use designations do not appear very well. For associations which used to be corridors and are now zoned differently, it may mean the difference in lower or higher taxes as well as changes in future property  worth.

People who live on the shoreline need to see a hard copy of the map which is located at the Village Hall. If your property or nearby property may be changed, and you should request to see a map which better defines the changes. The plans are available at the Village Hall and the Community Library. You can contact the Village at 262-877-2858 for a copy of the plan .

We caution you that while some of the Smart Growth Commissioners state that changes are "nothing earth-shattering" it is up to the individual landowner, no matter how small or where located, to Judge the impact. According to new laws authorizing this comprehensive plan, the changes made now, will, in the future, be locked in. This plan will affect how the Planning Commission will look at your and your neighbor's property, if you want to make future changes in its use. You will not get a written notice from the Village of any land use designations, whether yours or your neighbors.

Many longtime residents believe the designations made on their properties are actually taking money out of their pocket by restricting what they can do with their property. Other property is being changed from low density to high density with some changes on the Lakes. In one instance they may restrict use; on another they may increase uses. It is up to you to voice your concern. Once Smart Growth is passed, you will have no recourse it you have not commented directly to the Commission through the Village.

We urge you to get a copy of the plan and review the changes.  Comment, in writing, on any changes you want made with the plan.  Two of the Smart Growth Commissioners are Village officials Dean Griffith, Village Trustee, and Cathy Zamazal, Village President. Comments should be addressed directly to them as well as the Joint Smart Growth Commission. Some of the Commissioners are from Randall Township and have a vote in the changes.

108 East Main Street, P.O. Box 1024
Twin Lakes , WI 53181

You may recall that the Electors at the Annual Meeting of the Lake District, July 17, 2004, requested a moratorium be placed on the sale of public lands within 500 feet of the Lake, until the Lake District Committees have had a chance to study alternative uses for these lands and make recommendations.  At the December 20, 2004 Village Board meeting, the vote passed 4-3 to place a moratorium on the sale of these lands for 6 months.  Cathy Zamazal, Village President and Darren Rohde, Trustee, voted against the moratorium, Jeff Gresenz, Trustee abstained from voting.

In March of 2004 the Village passed a resolution to vacate land in the Lakeview subdivision. It took the Steering Council months of persistent effort to get the current elected official to see the need for the moratorium. 

There have been two hearings in  Kenosha County on the transfers of publicly owned properties, some on navigable waterways, in the Lakeview subdivision. Members of the Steering Council, LARA and residents spoke in opposition of the transfer.

    At the December 2004 hearing:

Ø The Judge found possible merit in the citizens' opposition and suggested that legal counsel should be retained to file a brief in opposition. The Judge set the date for the next hearing on Jan 14th.

Ø LARA voted to support the Lake area citizens and the members of the Steering Council, and retained legal Council. Several briefs were filed in opposition to the transfer over the holidays.

At the Jan 14th hearing:

Ø Village's request to throw out the brief in opposition was denied.

Ø Village to answer the Attorney's briefs in opposition.

Ø    The Village legal counsel, in their argument to throw out the brief, did not address possible DNR approval .

Ø The brief in opposition was discussed.

Ø   R uled the opposition briefs had merit, a half day trial set for March 7th.

Ø  The Judge stated there will be a decision that day. 

Ø The Judge has discretionary power to rule on the matter.

Ø LARA believes that any transfer of Lake access from public to private should not result in less use of those access points and the number of people who will use it and all potential uses should be evaluated prior to any recommendation to privatize.

Ø LARA will continue its support of the Committees and Steering Council in protecting the Lake rights of all who use the Lakes.



The following people have been confirmed by the Village as candidates in the upcoming election.
Village President :

 Ø Cathy Zamazal, Current Village President, supports more Lake restrictions and consistently has spoken against the elected Lake Committees and the elector input at the Annual meetings. Voted to privatize publicly owned parcels within 500 of the shoreline and voted against the moratorium.

 Ø Howard Skinner, Challenger and business owner.

Current Trustees running for reelection:

Ø Jeff Gresenz, an activist who has supported increased Lake restrictions and led NO WAKE restrictions on all votes

Ø Darren Rohde, originally voted against the 8 PM NO WAKE ordinance

Ø Darryl Stone, originally voted for the 8 PM NO WAKE ordinance

Running for Trustee:

Ø Mike Nellisen, formally sat on the Planning Commission, lives near town.

Ø Aaron Karow, lives in the Arrowhead Subdivision, local business owner.

Ø Sharon Bowers, lives in the Blueberry Hill neighborhood, prior owned business and currently works for a local bank.

LARA will be assessing the new candidates in their campaigns.  Look for more in future issues of this newsletter. Send us you questions and comments for the candidates.  SAVE THE DATE: Saturday March 5th at 6pm for "Dinner With the Candidates"


A special public hearing was held on September 29, 2004 to discuss petitions from 7 property owners who have filed detachment petitions. The agenda included presentations from the petitioners as well as from the district and others opposed to detachment, a rebuttal and a closed session for deliberation.

Th e petitions are in response to the taxes levied on their properties without a perceived benefit of being in the Lake District .

The Village is studying the matter,  and has not set a date to further discuss and rule on the matter. Contact Village Manager Dave Cox for an update by emailing the Village at:


Go to

For a look at our new website launched in 2005 to keep you informed and promote our sponsors.  We plan to post meeting notes, articles, and photos, prior issues of this newsletter, helpful links and other pertinent information about the Twin Lakes in accordance with our charter.


LARA Bulletin NO 3 September --- 2004.



LARA - BringING our neighborhoods together


We had over 200 people attend the pizza and dance party to celebrate the end of the summer and help support both LARA and the Aquanuts. LARA presented the Aquanuts with a check for $660 from the proceeds.

LARA volunteers help Aquanuts close out the year with record Raffle ticket sales.

Emails were used to help bring out the crowd for the last show of the season on a beautiful September day after a tough season of cancelled shows due to High Water and NO wake restrictions. Raffle ticket sales that last day were brisk. With LARA volunteers' help, the Aquanuts raised $2,000 more than in other years.

Show attendees displayed their generosity by purchasing tickets for the Aquanuts cash raffle drawing, held later that day.

Bottled water distributed by LARA at different events is symblic of our goal to improve water quality.  Residents from surrounding lakes were interested in sharing ideas with LARA .

LAKE DISTRICT Annual Meeting Notes

We received copies of the minutes from the annual meeting and they are consistent with the meeting summary in our last bulletin.

Additional information:

Motion vote counts:

•  No wake:

•  Moratorium on land purchase:

•  ??


We continue to discuss the approach to the no wake issue. At this time we are working through the committee structure for a workable resolution. Next steps:

•  The Boater Safety and User Conflict committee will draft a plan that will address the issue. The committee will then discuss and vote on it, take it to the Steering Council for approval.

•  The Steering Council will discuss it and make a recommendation to the Board. This will get it on the agenda for the November Lake District meeting.


(anything from any other committees or projects?)


LARA Bulletin NO 2 August --- 2004.













LAKE DISTRICT Annual Meeting Summary

LARA --- Bringing you information not misinformation about your Lakes

In this email, we share information from the Lake District Annual Voters Meeting on July 17, so you can be aware of the information presented, motions made and passed, and any next steps planned by LARA and other volunteers. We have received a copy of the official minutes of the meeting, if anyone is interested in more details.


The budget passed, which will allow us to apply for grant money for the proposed projects. A professional grant writer was approved to help apply for grants. See attachment for details on projects.

Committee Structure:

After the discussion about the motions regarding the committee, an amended motion was passed:

· The committee structure will remain in place.

· The slate of volunteers for committee membership was voted in.

· Next year the committee structure will be voted on to make it permanent in the by-laws


The motion was made and passed that Robert Livingston, Chairman of the Steering Council, will be the representative.

New Motions:

During the Other Business section of the meeting the following motions were brought up:

1) That the commissioners immediately restore the no wake hours to sunset to 9 am rather than the 8 PM to 9 am and implement the recommendations of the steering council regarding any water level issues (motion carried by a vote of 85 to 28 )

2) That the commissioners implement a moratorium on the sale of any public lands within 500 feet of either lake, until they get approval from the Steering Council (Motion carried.)

3) A motion was made to place a three year term limit on those wishing to serve on the lake committees (Motion failed.)

THE ISSUE CONTINUES: The Village attorney said these motions are not binding, and will be taken as advisory information only .

HOWEVER, The LAKE DISTRICT by-laws state under Article 5, Section 5 and Section 8 paragraph 6.a.: A majority of electors can mandate commissioners to implement their decisions.

It was brought up that a lot of people had left the meeting and therefore the vote should not be brought, but the remaining people insisted there were still plenty of electors to vote. It was noted that people on both sides of the issue left the meeting early.

LARA will now determine what our next steps are to prove that we indeed followed the bylaws and the motions as passed are binding; or to find another way to guide the decision making to the will of the electors.

Our top priority is currently the no-wake issue.

Thanks to those of you who have donated money to help the cause. The money will help us to continue our research on the lake issues and keep you informed as to our progress.


LARA is the Lakes and Recreation Association, an independent nonprofit association formed by concerned property owners located on and off the lakes in the village of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin .

LARA's goals:
- Bringing together the Lake Community through common lake issues and social events.
- Bringing back control to the landowners for lake related decisions

               - Polices will be based on the needs of the lake preservation and protection while maintaining high levels of safety to the residents and visitors who come to use the lakes.


LARA Bulletin NO 1-July---2004.



"The Zamazal Family Speaks on No Wake"

LARA --- Bringing you information not misinformation about Twin LAKES

In this email, we share information from letters to the editor July 3 in the Twin Lakes Report, so you can be aware of the arguments on both sides of the issue of no wake restrictions passed by the Village Board.


•  Cathy Zamazal wrote a letter, her first lake opinion letter since her election and two weeks before the upcoming Lake District annual meeting. In it she was not supportive of much of the work the Committees did. No mention of the e coli health issue the committees worked on and now feel the DNR and County have solved. (This e coli issue has been going on for 25 years!). She also made several "personal attack" type comments against Illinois people.

•  Cathy Zamazal's father, Mike Cardamone wrote a letter disparaging the committees and the proposed budget.  He did not acknowledge that he was her father (the paper also did not clarify this relationship).

•  Gerry Wrench responded to misstatements on the decision for no wake due to high water (copy below)

•  Cathy Zamazal's mother responded to the Susan Tobison letter requesting the lake be opened (copy below)

SUMMARY: This is proving that we need more voice in the decision making.  A major opportunity to vote is coming up on July 17 at the Lakewood School at 9 a.m. in Twin Lakes , at the annual Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District meeting.  This is the one time that we as property owners (both residents and nonresidents) can direct the decision making on major issues regarding the Lakes. Please come to the meeting; you can only vote in person at that day/time. You can make a difference! We need your support for the Lake committees who are fighting for your rights.

Two issues are surfacing from these letters :

  1. The Village President and at least some of the trustees prefer extended no wake rules (we have documented comments by Cathy Zamazal, TL President and her husband in public meetings to that effect). Many people are concerned that the Village will continue to take actions restricting hours for wakes.
  2. The committees formed last year in good faith and in agreement with the Village board to work on many lake issues are in large part being ignored.  Much research has been done by committee members to provide facts for logical decision making. So far the recommendations have met with resistance or have not even been read. (A major exception is the e coli issue on Lake Mary - where action was taken for both cleanup and prevention, after a lot of work by committee people to bring the issue to their attention and force action.)

We formed committees last year to do research and provide facts as input to decision making, and the village leadership has not read the findings and for the most part does not make decisions based on the facts brought up in meetings by the committee members.

Thank you for your support.  If you have questions, please send emails to .

Your LARA board members.