An independent not-for-profit association formed by concerned citizens
   and  property  owners from the Village of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.
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Attempt to Dissolve the Lake District & Lake Committees failed; all other items on the agenda passed with a massive majority. MORE >>>

Previous attempts to monitor lake levels with markers like the one at the Lake Elizabeth boat launch were problematic due to ice movement and vandalism. An electronic sensor at the channel between the lakes is used in conjunction with actual "official" readings at the spillway as needed.

The new spillway was completed in 2015 after extensive governmental review and permitting. Many meetings were held with significant lake front owner input. The goal of the new spillway is to reduce fluctuations in lake levels from the historic fluctuations of over two(2) feet to less than one foot by removing fluctuations caused by human intervention. It is believed in the long run the spillway will help restore healthy water levels and ground water and reduce shoreline damage due to extreme the more extreme fluctuations of the past. It will take approximately the same 10 year period in the future to determine if the spillway goals are achieved based on the problems of the previous 10 year study and permitting period.


Mission Statement

To Protect the lakes located in the Village of Twin Lakes and lake rights of all the property owners through information, communication and publication of an occasional email newsletter and maintaining a web site on current issues while providing continuing support to the Lake District Committees.

LARA is a not for-profit member and volunteer organization incorporated under the laws of Wisconsin but independent of local governmental agencies and the Wisconsin Open Meetings Act.